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Parker Shotguns – A Vintage Shotgun History

A look into the famous American classic, the “Old Reliable” Parker Shotguns. Roughly halfway between the coastal town of New Haven, Conn., and the capital of Hartford lies the city of Meridian, the one-time home to the illustrious, fabled and renowned Parker Brothers Manufacturing Company. The state of Connecticut has a storied history of firearms […]

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#69 | Side-by-Side Comparison with Gregg Elliot – Project Upland Podcast

When Savage Arms released the Fox A Grade in 2017 they released a gun from a long line of guns that some might argue was broken a long time ago. Still, the new gun bears the Fox name and as such drew much attention from side-by-side enthusiasts. Could this latest iteration of Fox shotguns live […]

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You Do Not Need a Double Gun to be an Upland Hunter

An Exploration into the Personal Ethics and Community of Upland Hunting Shotguns Lately there has been an increasing amount of “heat” around newer upland hunters and more “refined’ parts of the industry. Now the rant that could follow that statement could be contained in volumes. Instead, we have decided to take the approach of debunking […]

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Beretta SL3 Review – From the Beretta Factory

A look into the new Premium Grade Beretta SL3 in words and film! The screen above me said my flight was on time, and after a two-and-a-half hour drive to the airport I needed that good news. It was winter in Boston and a storm had delayed just about every flight. International is always tricky, […]

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