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Gun Dog Magazine Editor in Chief Kali Parmley – Gun Dog Notebook Podcast

Gun Dog Magazine - Kali Parmley

Explore the Future of Gun Dog Magazine Content and Bird Dog Training with New Editor-in-Chief Kali Parmley

What does a magazine look like in 2019 when so much of the landscape of gun dog training is changing? How do we expound on the culture of bird dogs and wingshooting without understanding the synchronicity of dog training and the lifestyle that we must embody in order to be successful? We must consider that this generation of dog handlers is changing and becoming much more diverse. Novice hunters need newer and fresher stories and introductions to the gun dog community. 

We discuss these questions and more with Kali Parmley, the new Editor-in-Chief of Gun Dog Magazine.  While Kali has developed a long and deep appreciation for the English Setters of her grandfather’s time, these days she shares her adventures with her Labrador, Lincoln, chasing Ptarmigan to 12,400 feet, burning boot leather through Hell’s Canyon chasing chukar, and putting her novice pup to the test in the Badlands of North Dakota.  All of this has been written in Kali’s former articles and we get down to the specific details of each adventure, including some pitfalls and revelations gained along the way. 

Kali is definitely one who jumped headfirst into hunting wild birds ever since she received an unexpected invite from a friend. To date, she hasn’t backed down from a challenge to cover the toughest terrain for birds.  

Gun Dog Magazine has always been your comprehensive guide to all things gun dogs, exploring the palette of different breeds, gear testing, dog health and nutrition, stories in the field. Kali was brought on to Gun Dog Mag with a hunger to improve the magazine and add new content to a very successful dog training editorial. 

While staying true to the subject of dog training, Kali seeks to bring new adventure narratives to the magazine that put the articles on dog training into real time scenarios; these help illustrate the practical applications of the training, all the while giving the magazine a new look in print and on social media. What we can expect is an appeal to a younger generation of bird hunters, directing content to the DIY hunter, sharing where to go, how to hunt various game species, and even a new column on wild game cooking. 

Kali observed that the new wave of bird hunters is looking for hands-on content, creative strategies, and innovative hunting tactics that help the handler become much more successful in the field and proud do do it with a dog they’ve trained by their own hand. Stay tuned to the podcast and look forward to new issues of Gun Dog Magazine being published in the Fall. 

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