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#57 | Paint River Llewellins and Breeding Better Grouse Dogs with Kyle Warren – Project Upland Podcast

Kyle Warren Paint River Llewellins

Do you know the difference between a Llewellin setter and an English setter? Or the difference between a tracking dog and a true dog? When it comes to setters, Kyle Warren, owner of Paint River Llewellins, has loads to share. He’s been training dogs and hunting upland birds for decades. Through his breeding program he strives to produce better grouse dogs while providing the bird hunter with a most enjoyable pointing dog experience.

Tune in to the show to hear Kyle Warren describe his ideal grouse dog and learn how he evaluates dogs in the grouse woods. We examine the difference between Kyle’s tracking dogs and “true dogs” (as he describes them) and discover how each style of dog hunts and points upland birds. We also take a closer look at what makes a Llewellin setter different from an English setter and see the diversity within the English setter breed. We also discuss an upcoming video series that he recently launched to further educate those wanting to learn more about training bird dogs. On this episode of the Project Upland Podcast he shares with us his stories, experiences and much more.

About Kyle Warren:
“Owner, breeder and trainer, Kyle Warren of Paint River Llewellins has been professionally training dogs since 1996. He works with all breeds of dogs and people to build relationship fundamentals and to strengthen utility such as: upland bird hunting, waterfowl hunting, search and rescue area search, wilderness area search and tracking/trailing, detection, and protection work.”

To learn more about the video series: PRL On Demand
“Paint River Llewellins was founded in 2004. Owner and operator Kyle Warren also runs Kyle Warren Dogs which he established in 1996. This particular video series focuses on raising and training the pointing dog for upland hunting.”

To learn more about Kyle’s kennel: Paint River Llewellins

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