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#52 | Upland Bird Hunting in North Carolina with Mike Neiduski – Project Upland Podcast

Mike Neiduski NAVHDA Judge

On this episode of the Project Upland Podcast, I’m joined by Mike Neiduski, North Carolina upland bird hunter and NAVHDA judge. Mike joins the show to talk about his upland hunting story, his involvement with NAVHDA and upland bird hunting in North Carolina.

During our conversation Mike and I start with a recap of the NAVHDA 50th anniversary annual meeting in Minnesota. We also talk about how he got involved with NAVHDA and eventually became a NAVHDA judge. We conclude the show discussing the various upland bird hunting opportunities to be found in North Carolina, including woodcock, ruffed grouse, bobwhite quail and even pheasant.

To get in touch with Mike about the American Woodcock Society please reach out to him via these links: Instagram, Facebook, and

Bird Hunting In North Carolina:
The Outer Banks and coastal regions of North Carolina are beautiful places to go on vacation, but the entire state is also good for bird hunting. There are numerous ways to access the three main areas: mountain, Piedmont and coastal. Dove fields are found throughout the state, as are controlled hunting preserves. These areas allow for only domestically raised game birds to be taken, and you will need a license to hunt them. That may either be the normal bird hunting license or a separate controlled hunting preserve license. In order to access private lands posted with signs, you will need written and signed permission by the landowner.

To learn more about NAVHDA: Visit The Website Here

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