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Fighting Back – A Bobwhite Quail Film

A bobwhite quail on a shotgun.

The Bobwhite Quail is a symbol of southern bird hunting — and also ground zero to critical conservation issues facing wild bird populations.

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For many, the bobwhite quail is a symbol of their youth in the South. Small game is often where many cut their teeth in the hunting world. Adam Keith, wildlife consultant, ventures back into his past to take a journey into the public lands of Missouri with state biologist Frank L. Loncarich and Kyle Hedges.

“I always say one of the worst things my parents ever did was introduce me to quail hunting, only to watch the numbers plummet to where I couldn’t get to do it anymore.”

Frank and Kyle have been involved in critical research around bobwhite conservation issues. Their passion for bobwhite stems from a lifelong obsession with birds and dogs which has taken them to the front lines of quail conservation efforts. The research has shown that native prairie is a more effective management tool than traditionally managed conservation areas in southwestern Missouri.

Breeding Season Survival and Nesting of Northern Bobwhite on Native Prairie Versus Traditionally Managed Conservation Areas in Southwestern Missouri

Authors: Thomas R. Thompson, Frank L. Loncarich, R. Kyle Hedges

As the numbers of quail in the South have dwindled over the years, so have the numbers of bird hunters who pursue them. But with the now-changing tide of increasing bird hunter numbers, coupled with growing dedication to fighting back against declining bird populations, states like Missouri are proving critical to the future of hunting.

This a story about the love of dogs, the birds we pursue and the native public lands that are crucial to our lives and to our pursuit.

This film is a Slate and Glass production in association with Northwoods Collective.

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